About You

About You

You wolf down everything that's in your pantry because you're about to start a new diet.
You've got to have your "last supper" in, right? Because from here on out you're going to be "good"
So you restrain yourself around food...
You can probably put up with this for a week or two because you're so "disciplined"
But eventually you'll binge...
Maybe because you're having a really crappy day or you just can't wait for that cheat day anymore.
So you eat to your hearts content... However, you'll feel really bad about this.
So you purge, go on a fast or over exercise yourself to death to compensate for your short comings.
And despite your efforts and good intentions, you still feel like something's off...

Sometimes  you eat too much, sometimes you eat less than what your body wants, 

sometimes you skip meals, sometimes you don't even eat at all.
You just can't figure it out!
You've tried every diet, you've bought every exercise machine, and you took every magic pill

but nothing really worked.
You've  read all the diet books that you can get your hands on

but you're still confused with all of the conflicting nutrition messages out there.
You're still too fixated on calories, carbs, proteins, fats, dress sizes, 

how you look and what's on your weighing scale.
You're still afraid of certain foods and you're afraid to talk about them.
You're even afraid to eat with others 

and you worry about what they might think or say about your weight.

You're too familiar with feelings of regret, shame, guilt, anxiousness and the loss of control after eating.
You don't like who you see in the mirror
and you always wish that your body was of a different size or shape.
You're a chronic dieter...
You're a dysfunctional eater...
And you secretly kind of hate yourself.


But you're fed up...
You're tired of how you're being a slave to your cravings.

You're tired of the societal expectations on how your body should look like.

You're tired of the stigma, drama and how you're being treated like you're a lesser human.
And now you're hungry for real change.